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American Institute for Economic Research

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), founded in 1933, is the sister organization of the Progress Foundation. While they are linked by their common founder, Edward C. Harwood, they are fully independent in financial, personnel and legal respects. As an independent scientific and educational organization, the Institute’s research aims to help individuals protect their personal interests (and those of the community). Those people who secure their prosperity by labor and thrift, and who pay most of the taxes, are considered by AIER as the principal guardians of American civilization. Through scientific inquiries, AIER intends to broaden the understanding of traditional classical liberal values in American society and to support choosing wise and forward-looking policies.

In contrast to many foundations, AIER is not funded by one single person or family or other concentration of wealth. Nor does AIER represent any special interest. Financial support for the Institute is provided primarily by the annual fees from thousands of sustaining members, receipts from sales of its publications, tax-deductible contributions, and the earnings of its wholly owned investment advisory organization, American Investment Services, Inc. Advertising is not accepted in its publications. AIER holds the view that information and advice on economic subjects are most useful when they come from a source that is independent of special interests, either commercial or political. The provisions of AIER’s charter and bylaws ensure that neither the Institute itself nor members of its staff may derive profit from organizations or businesses that happen to benefit from the results of the Institute’s research.