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Economic Conferences and other Events

1. Economic Conference

Money: A Search for Common Ground

Lugano, 27.04.1984 - 28.04.1984

Neil WallaceDo we need a Special Theory for "Money"?
Georg RichIs Swiss Monetary Policy Really Monetarist?
Alan ReynoldsManaged Money
Lee R. ThomasMonetary Reform and Price-Level Stability
Jerome L. SteinShort and Long-Run Effects of Monetary Policy upon Real Output and Inflation (PDF)
Warren L. CoatsSome Controversies in Monetary Policy
Harmen LehmentThe Disinflation Issue (PDF)
Ferdinand LipsThe Views of a Practicing Banker
Franz SchollViews of a Central Banker on Some Topics of International Monetary Discussions
Joe CobbWhy do Monetary Economists Disagree?