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The activities of the Progress Foundation focus on the following areas:

  1. The foundation organizes lectures and panel discussions, mainly in the form of economic conferences. The format often pairs a German-speaking guest and an American guest, who speak on related topics. In this way, the events serve not only the transmission of academic findings, but also as a cultural bridge between the USA and Europe.
  2. Further, the foundation hosts workshops in which a selected number of participants discusses classical texts. These symposiums are designed to give inspiration to around 15 thought-leaders in the fields of academia, politics, economics and the media.
  3. The foundation also issues publications. Originally, texts from its various economic conferences were published in English as part of a series by its sister organization, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER). Today, the Progress Foundation publishes its own material in a series which now comprises 15 volumes. Furthermore, it occasionally supports the publication of books that align with the purposes of the foundation.
  4. Finally, the Progress Foundation occasionally awards stipends to students at Swiss universities who wish to attend a summer program at the American Institute for Economic Research. It also supports research projects that align with the purposes of the foundation.