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The Political Economy of Secession

A Source Book (2004)

The right to secession is an unusual constitutional clause alien to traditional Continental European constitutional thought, and certainly after 1865 also impossible under American constitutional law. For this reason, it is likely that constitutional lawyers will interpret article 59 narrowly, and in so doing jeopardize its effectiveness. Its main importance lies in containing centripetal tendencies in future European development, i.e. containing the tendency for Brussels to assume an ever-increasing number of competencies. This volume should be on the bookshelf of every constitutional lawyer who has to deal with article 59 of the European Constitution.

Jürgen G. Backhaus
Dietmar Doering

Johannes Althusius
Scott Boykin
James M. Buchanan
John C. Calhoun
Jefferson Davis
Reiner Eichenberger
Bruno S. Frey
William Lloyd Garrison
Herbert Spencer
Lysander Spooner
Ludwig von Mises

Publisher: NZZ Verlag
Published: 2004
Price: CHF 48.00
ISBN: 3-03823-102-9

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Recht auf Sezession (PDF)
Beat Gygi, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 11.09.2004


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